Gangl Locus Amoenus II 2010 Locus Amoenus, 2010, table, seat, cement, ca. 3.30 x 1 x 0.75 m; carport system type Elbe, 3,12 x 5,31 m
Gangl Locus Amoenus 2010

A locus amoenus is an idealized natural landscape. As a special place, it is an arena for special encounters. In such a lovely place lovers gather and love finds a place that befits it. Such a miniature arcadia offers beauty and protection for all. A date, a rendezvous, an assignation require a place where love can arise and lovers can take shelter. The Grünangersiedlung housing estate, with its associations as a locus terribilis, is an urban area that needs to offer such potential. The sculpture LOCUS AMOENUS EDUARD-KEIL-GASSE 63 represents an objective and spatial realization of the concept of the rendezvous: table and bench with a protective roof. As a sculptural piece of furniture it offers the residents of the estate a possible meeting point for lovers´ talk and other forms of communication.