DSC 1536 Weiz WEB Mobile LED display
Postkarte Fuck you WEB II © 2008 MoPaul licensed from Ephemera, Inc. Half Moon Bay, Bath BA2 4DS
TextBild MMIX, Installation in public space, Weiz, November 4th, 2009
Curated by Agnes Altziebler, Werner Fenz, Evelyn Kraus, Birgit Kulterer

Text plays a special role in the complex make-up of the public space – even if it is often barely perceptible in all the densely packed visual overlaps. The “TextBild MMIX” project liberates it from different contexts, isolating it and thus helping it achieve its own effect: A sentence appears in the form of neon writing on a single day in a single place in Styria – then the van, vehicle of this unfamiliar, foreign text, which is a synonym for strangeness as a social source of irritation, vanishes again. In this way, Styrian artists and writers inscribe their own specific texts into the various places, thus seeking to achieve a radical concentration. The subject is strictly the present: MMIX are the Roman numerals for the year 2009.

Steirischer Herbst 2009