REBEKA headquarter
HEADQUATER Anzeige sw REBEKA headquater, advertisements in various print-media in and around Wolfsburg during 1999/2000
HEADQUATER Building board REBEKA headquater, 2000, building board, 380 x 730 cm
HEADQUATER Telefoninfo WEB Schematic representation of the automatic telephone information system at REBEKA headquater
HEADQUATER Architektur WEB REBEKA headquater architecture, 2000, installation view, Kunstverein Wolfsburg (Germany), tape on paint, dimensions variable

The idea of a headquarter for REBEKA was the result of an invitation by the Kunstverein Wolfsburg (Germany) to develop a year-long project during 1999 - 2000. This project, which coinsided with the opening of VW's "Autostadt", consists of three elements - each representing different developmental stages and media of a headquarter: Advertisement, information and architecture. The architecture was realised in cooperation with the architects Karoline Streeruwitz and Franka Diehnelt.

The first phase of the headquarter-project consisted of advertisements in various print-media as well as a huge building board which was installed in a prominent spot of Wolfsburg.

The headquarter folder provides a first in-depth look at structure and company-philosophy of REBEKA INTERNATIONAL and outlines the various departments that comprise the headquarter.

The architectural concept of the architects is based on a schematic representation of an automatic telephone information system which they developed for the REBEKA HEADQURTER: By pressing the appropriate digit-combinations the visitors to the HEADQUARTER receive the information relevant to them. The visualisation of this process forms the ground plan of the HEADQUARTER architecture.