t+4e (think positive forever)
Gangl Hauptplatz 6 WEB t+4e (think positive forever), 2003, Art in Public, market stand, Main Square Graz
Gangl Hauptplatz 5 web
Gangl Hauptplatz 2 web
Gangl Hauptplatz 1 WEB
Competition: Art in Public Space
Marketplace, Main Square Graz
Completion 2003-2008, 3M Adhesive Foil
j4f just for fun
:**: responding kisses
{+} hugging and kissing
:-| :-| Deja vu
69-) there you go again
;-D kindly twinkle
t+ think positive
@:-} just arrived from the hairdresser
*|-o started to work at 5 a.m.
%´), three beers instead of lunch